HAdmin - HBase UI. Instructions


Learn how to run your HAdmin

Install OpenJDK

  • On Ubuntu:
    sudo apt-get install openjdk-11-jdk

Download and run HAdmin

  • curl https://bintray.com/hutils/hadmin/download_file?file_path=hadmin-api-$HADMIN_VERSION-bin.tar.gz --output hadmin-api-$HADMIN_VERSION-bin.tar.gz
  • tar -zxvf hadmin-api-$HADMIN_VERSION-bin.tar.gz
  • cd hadmin
  • ./hadmin-server.sh
    or if HBase/Zookeeper are not running on localhost
    ./hadmin-server.sh $ZOOKEEPER_ADDR:$ZK_PORT /hbase-znode-path

  • Logging
    By default, HAdmin writes logs to standard output in 'INFO' log level.
    Supported values: TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR
    You can change it in different ways:
    1. Start HAdmin server with overridden level value:
      LOG_LEVEL="WARN" ./hadmin-server.sh
    2. Change log level value in log4j2.xml file in conf directory.
      Find line with content level="${sys:log4j.log.level:-info}" and replace it with required log level.
    3. Completely rewrite log4j2.xml file and use custom configuration.
  • JVM settings
    Start HAdmin server with overridden JVM arguments:
    JVM_ARGS="-Xmx512M" ./hadmin-server.sh
  • Common server settings
    You can configure HAdmin server by changing hadmin.conf file in conf directory.
    Check it out for all possible options.
    • hadmin.hbase.zk.quorum = zk-host:2181
    • hadmin.hbase.znode = /hbase
    • #web server bind address and port
      hadmin.webServer.host =
      hadmin.webServer.port = 8080
Run in Docker

  • Simple run with HBase/Zookeeper installation on same host
    docker container run --name hadmin -it -p 8080:8080 hutils/hadmin
  • Run for HBase cluster
    docker container run \
    --name hadmin \
    -d \
    -p 8080:8080 \
    hutils/hadmin \
    zookeeper-host1:2181,zookeeper-host2:2181,...,zookeeper-host3:2181 \
  • Customize settings
    docker container run \
    --name hadmin \
    -it \
    -e JVM_ARGS="-Xmx512M" \
    -e LOG_LEVEL="WARN" \
    -p 8080:8080 \
  • Use volumes
    Customize HAdmin settings:
    docker container run \
    --name hadmin \
    -it \
    -v /etc/hadmin/hadmin.conf:/usr/local/hadmin/conf/hadmin.conf \